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Blues Men: Are we ready to beat Oxford again?!

After an extremely successful 2021/22 season, the time had come for our older generation to pass on the torch. Many of them had left the city or are spending their time finalising their PhD, thus a new team had to be formed around the remaining young core from last year. Players had to be recruited, positions had to be switched and new skills had to be acquired in order to cultivate the best team possible. So far this has resulted in a strong group of motivated players that, although still being in development, has shown what they’re capable of. Right on time as the road ahead is indeed challenging: having been promoted to tier 1, the hunger to go even further is far from satisfied. On top of that, there is the student cup and the national trophy in which Blue’s men want to show their worth. And of course the total of 4(!) matches against Oxford this year are marked red in our agenda. So far the season started with 2 victories against strong opponents and a disappointing away loss against Oxford as we missed some of our key players due to injury. This loss only serves to learn from and motivate us even more for the rematch in only 2 weeks’ time. Right now, we are focused on our important home game against Loughborough, which we need to won to keep our good place in the standings. The road ahead is indeed challenging but the team has proven that struggle only drives us harder towards our goals!

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