UCCW: Building a strong team while having fun

As UCCW captain, one of the major goals is to create a good team spirit and atmosphere, which has always characterised our team. This year we welcomed 9 new players who are settling in well with our long-time players, on and off the volleyball court (see our Halloween-themed training!): this allows trainings to be both enjoyable and a chance for everyone to learn from one another. Since most of the old members graduated, we have a lot of new players in the team. In this regard, I think that we are very lucky since all of them are talented and fun to play alongside. Overall, we have solid setters, quick liberos and very athletic hitters. Since everyone is really skilled, the only thing left is to forge ourselves into a strong team. That is what we are aiming to do over time. Unfortunately, we dropped down to 3rd league last year due to some surprising circumstances in the standings. However, this year, we are working towards getting promoted back to the 2nd league. Given the new team composition, this seems like a hard task, but I don't think this is anything we can't handle. So far, we have won most of our league matches, and our chances are pretty good. It also needs to be stated that everyone is improving at a fast pace. This is due to the effort and time they put into training, and I hope that we can keep this mentality going forward. I plan on organising several socials, both within, and with other teams. We share a genuinely friendly atmosphere on the trainings, so it would be a waste not to make stronger bonds with each other. Let's have fun and play good volleyball. Since the beginning of the season the focus has been on improving our technical skills (also thanks to our brilliant coaches), enjoying volleyball, and putting together a supportive and friendly group of talented players. Our team had a strong start to the 22-23 season with two wins out of two games played, respectively against Leicester and Nottingham, who are currently leading the league. More exciting matches in the Midlands league are scheduled for the rest of the season and we hope to keep up the good work and represent Cambridge sports at the best of our abilities. After being promoted to Tier 2 of BUCS at the end of last season the expectation for this year is definitely to do well in the new league and achieve a good position in the top end of the table. Moreover, we hope to replicate the success of last year Varsity game against Oxford, where we managed to take home a hard-earned 3-2 win!

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