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Development Sessions: from Students to Rising Volleyball Stars

The CUVC development sessions provide an avenue for students across the University of Cambridge to learn more about volleyball, develop their volleyball skills, and most importantly enjoy the sport. Current CUVC players act as coaches for passionate learners, in order to ensure they learn the sport from scratch from the University’s best of the best. Currently, these development sessions run weekly. The sessions progressively teach them the fundamentals: receiving, setting, spiking and serving, by incorporating an hour of drills and an hour of gameplay every session. By monitoring the progress of the students coming to the development sessions, the coaches adjust the type and the difficulty of the drills to provide maximum learning opportunities for everyone. So far, majority of the players have learnt the fundamentals and are able to have proper gameplays and rallies. They also enjoy every session and are very glad to see improvements in their skills over just a span of a month.

In the coming years, the development sessions are here to stay. From feedback, there is a lot of interest in volleyball, and we can push more initiatives to give more avenues to learn volleyball. For example, we can gather people from the development sessions who are keen in trying out competitive volleyball, to have friendly matches with the University teams. CUVC is looking forward to the College Cuppers where those who were once beginners from the development sessions, start to represent their college and play at a higher level.

- Brendan Ng

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