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CLUB PRESIDENT: The Upcoming Year and Varsity 2023

CUVC aims to make volleyball enjoyable for the players and grow the volleyball community in Cambridge. This year, the club is running multiple regular development sessions throughout Michaelmas and Lent to make volleyball more accessible to the Cambridge community and allow students with similar interests to train together and receive systematic guidance. For the competitive team members, the club is searching for potential sponsors to help players to enjoy volleyball and experience team spirit by giving financial support. To create a solid community, the club participates in club-wide strength and conditioning trainings and organises multiple social events and swaps.

As you will all remember, one of the most special days for Cambridge athletes is Varsity.

This year, varsity will be held in Cambridge on March 4th at the University Sports Centre.

Join us at 9am to indulge yourself once more in thrilling adventure with CUVC. Matches

will start with Women's second team and finish with Men's Blue. We hope to perform

better than we did last year. This year, we aim to win all four matches.

CUVC wants to continue to grow the volleyball community and make the players'

experience more enjoyable. Moving forward, we would like to establish a formal

development squad and have pre-season trainings and training camps. Even though our

volleyball is aimed for more indoor volleyball, we have many avid beach players, and many

more indoor players eager to try out beach volleyball. If we do get the chance, we would

try our best to get a sand court where it will be used for various activities ranging from

strength and conditioning to beach volleyball.

I hope we get to see you along the road and please stay in touch with us. If you are in

town, please feel free to contact us to meet current CUVC players and train with us!

Ashid Amarsanaa (CUVC Club President)

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