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Cuppers Registration Deadline: April 17th

Volleyball Cuppers is an annual tournament among Colleges which is open to beginners, casual players and CUVC members taking place between April 27th and May 18th, with matches being played on Wednesday evenings.

The deadline to register is this Sunday, April 17th! Sign up as a team (6-12 people) or as an individual using the following links:

Soon after the registration deadline, match schedules will be released here and on the Facebook event page, and regular updates with results and pictures will also be posted!

If you would like to participate but are not aware of other interested people in your college, use the individual registration link and we will try to match you with others from your college or other incomplete teams.

There is a £60 registration fee per team and more details on payment will be sent out shortly after registration - we recommend talking to College JCR/MCR treasurers and Sports Officers to see if there are any grants that may help cover this.

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